“With a fast-moving plot and exciting action scenes, Raven, Romda and Ravai: The Dark Beast will grab the attention of even the most restless young readers.”

The Book Review Directory

“The narrative is told in a readable, chronological manner, and the squires are appealing characters, as is their comical banter.”

BlueInk Review

Recently knighted squires Raven, Romda, and Ravai are tasked to help a nearby priest. However, this simple errand turns into much more. As the three knights investigate, they get drawn into a complex journey.

A being simply named the Dark Beast comes to the attention of the trio.  From local gossip, the Dark Beast sounds more like a character from a fable than a real life person. Now, this Beast is on a mission to destroy an entire city.  The three can’t let that happen.  They will have to work outside of their safe castle walls and go into a country of unknown people and places. 

Could it be that the Dark Beast tales are true?  And what of his power?  Raven, Romda and Ravai have their own strengths and knowledge, but will it be enough to defeat a being so superior? They may have no choice. The Dark Beast is coming …

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Malketh Cover Proof

Malketh and the Undead: April 18, 2023

Raven, Romda and Ravai are settling into their new knightly duties well.  With the Dark Beast defeated, their normal tasks almost seem mundane.

Amidst the boredom, Ravai asks, “Why does no one talk about villains from the past?”

Romda reasons, “What would be the point?”

There is a point.  Even though villains may have been defeated in the past, they may still be around, waiting in the background ready to resurface once again.    Malketh has returned to the kingdom, but something is different about him this time.  He is back with an entire army … an entire army of undead soldiers!

“Whether you want to read this aloud to your little one or let them explore this magical world on their own, parents can rest assured that this second installment in the Raven, Romda, and Ravai series will be a playful, whimsical addition to their bookshelves.” –The Book Review Directory

“The author takes readers on a thrilling journey of magic and mayhem, making this an excellent fit for all who love a compact fantasy adventure.” – Literary Titan

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Literary Titan Silver Book Award


The Power of Mages: 2024

Why does a town want to work with forbidden magic?  In this case, the leaders of the town are defiant to the laws of the land.  Raven, Romda and Ravai have to figure out who’s to blame for this insurgency.

This book has been written as well but is at an earlier stage of editing. We have rethought the order of the books and this may not be the third. The Missing or Rivals may end up coming first.

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The Missing: TBA

When people in a town go missing, that is bad.  However, when about 1/3rd of the town ceases to exist, that is a catastrophe!  Where are they going?  Are they being taken … or worse?


Rivals: TBA

Raven, Romda and Ravai’s former classmates have changed.  Instead of helping the kingdom, they have turned on it!  Our three knights have to find a way to take down the upper classmen of whom they used to hold in high regard.


Side Quests: TBA

Each on their own mission, Raven, Romda and Ravai have to solve things on their own.  Together they have shown to work well, but how will they do on their own?  And, maybe some guest characters will pop in to help them.